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Wasting your Talents

Recently, I read an article. It was terrible. Greatest receiver of all time, calling out the most talented receiver of all time. Jerry Rice versus Randy Moss.


Without a doubt two of the biggest game changers the game has ever seen. In the article Jerry Rice bluntly states:

He could have been one of the greatest if he had worked just a little bit harder.

When I read the article, I could help but think of the parable of the talents. The owner, gives every worker the same amount of “talent” then comes back and says, “What have you done with what I gave you”?

WHOA! This is kind of scary. What if God asks us the same thing? What if he has given us our gifts and then expects us to use them? Novel idea, I know. Earth shattering revelation.

I’ve been THAT guy. I’ve been the guy with talent that skated by using my God given abilities, and not giving it a second thought. I spent the first 30 years of my life as THAT guy. I’m sick of it. Time to take names.

What have you done with YOUR talents? Have they been buried in the ground? Are you using half of your talents? Buried the other half? Do you even know where they are?

Unapologetically Passionate

A little more than 2 years ago my life changed. If you have read my previous blog or if you continue reading this one you will find out how my life changed, but for now that’s all you need to know.
I quit my job, started my own business, and then, a series of tornadoes decided to make their way through Alabama and the surrounding states. I received tweet after tweet from people in the affected area speaking of how bad it was. They were standing on streets where no one survived. Where not a single house still stood……and then God punched me!

Do something Robert. Use your skills, your connections, your God-given talents and your love for others to help these people.

Then I went to Catalyst Dallas. The theme?

Take Courage

In essence, don’t makes excuses to do what God is calling you to do. Another sucker punch. So I started planning a trip to Alabama. Trying to get people to come with me. It was kind of working, but something was missing. And then…an EF5 Tornado ripped through Joplin like it was Lincoln Logs. I sat there dumbfounded watching the Weather Channel and praying that God help me. I went home, created a Facebook page and a Twitter account and started planning a personal trip to Joplin.

Long story short, I will spend countless hours of my future helping those in disasters. I wrote to ask you to join me, to come along side me and help these people as well. I also write to notify you and possibly warn you that I will speak about this unapologetically in the future. This is not something I am trying to “sell”. It is something I think we are all called to care about, and because of that I will keep pushing, asking for help, and providing ways for each of you to serve and I will not apologize if I get annoying about it.