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What I learned in Joplin

Today I leave on my second trip to Joplin. I will never again take for granted the roof above my head, the stuff in my house, but most importantly those I love. The stories I heard in Joplin will forever be ingrained in my mind and leave a lasting impression on who I am.
When I looked at the flattened homes and the non-existent businesses, I quickly realized that the human toll of this storm should have been much higher. I realized that while there will be many that ask, “Where was God”, the answer is clear. I saw people doing anything they could to help others, even when they had lost everything themselves.
Then I saw the flip side. The first night we were there, we were stopped at roadblock that was required due to the amount of looting. I spoke with a woman, whose van was stolen the night of the tornado by a teenager and driven around town stealing.

You can truly see the heart of people when they have no other choice but to be transparent.

If you have a desire to go to Joplin, comment, go to Social Relief or email me