Do the Hard thing

When you own a business, it is usually pretty easy to see which choice is best for the company. The difficulty comes when you are required to make a decision that doesn’t clearly benefit your company, but is no doubt the right choice, even if it benefits the client, business partner of even the competitor.

  • Are you able to call in a competitor to help when you get in over your head?
  • Are you able give the lead to a business partner or competitor when you know you don’t have time?
  • Are you able to “fire” a client when you know it is in the best interest of your company and the client?

Gaining or keeping business, is not always the right thing. These decisions may clearly help someone else, but in the end, your business is the one that benefits most. You did the right thing. You made the hard decision. And people notice that.
Are you making those difficult decisions? Decisions that on the surface appear to be crazy. Tell me about them.